Indian Espresso

The Indian Monsooned Malabar bean is a very low acidity, thick and creamy, overly earthy style cup of coffee. There are a lot of sweet tones in this cup depending on the roast and one can taste a little hint of the natural processing soft fruit tones and classic Indian spice notes. Combine that with the clean and rich, full-flavored Indian Cherry Robusta and you have a phenomenal blend from India that is 10%-15% more caffeine for your espresso!



The Indian Monsooned Malabar is a very unique and exotic coffee.

Monsoon Malabar coffee is prepared from Arabica cherries (“cherry” refers to dry-processed coffees in India). After grading, the coffee is transported to the coastal city of Mangalore where the “monsooning” is carried out in large open-walled warehouses.

During the rainy months of June through August, the coffee is spread inside the warehouses with very good aeration and ventilation at a particular thickness so that the coffee slowly absorbs moisture. After it absorbs sufficient moisture and bloats in size, it has to be periodically bulked and bagged, and stacked so as to ensure proper and uniform “monsooning.” This process has to be carried out many times during the months of the monsoon.

After September, when the rains subside and the temperatures are higher, the ghostly white and swollen beans are sent through the final grading (gravity tables and hand-sorting) in order to obtain the Malabar export quality. The farmers not only produce coffee, they also grow pepper, cardamom, and oranges. Most of the farms are 80 to 100 years old and belong to third-generation growers.

This is truly a unique espresso that will add depth and flavor to your favorite coffee drink.

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