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How our coffee makes the world go round.

Globetrotter Coffee Co. is a roaster located in central South Dakota. We work hard to showcase the small farmers around the world who are passionate about protecting the planet and taking care of their employees, while providing high quality coffee beans. With each offering, you will know about the farm owner and how he or she makes the world a better place.

You will also hear how they take care of the incredible men and women who bring their coffee from seed to plant to bean, and how dedicated they are to preserving this beautiful planet. We aim to make the world a little smaller by allowing you to “travel the world one cup at a time.

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Meet the Owner

How We Create Coffee That Everyone Loves.

Our Coffee is more than a “buy, roast, sell” process. This is a labor of love and intense respect for the earth, the
beans and the people that bring them to you.

We buy the beans green, then roast them to bring out the best flavors. We work hard to research the bean type, the growing season, soil type, growing elevation, drying process, and then roast it at the right
temperature and airflow to let that bean’s flavor shine. We use no artificial flavors; just exactly what the coffee was grown to do.

We work hard to ensure that our coffee is never bitter. One of the greatest compliments we hear is that this is the only coffee people have had where they didn’t have to use sugar and cream.

Give it a shot. See what it’s like to travel the world one cup at a time.

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